Siggy and I went to see Chris Ramsey last year and I somehow managed to completely not post about it, so this time around for last night’s Live 2018 (The just happy to get out of the house tour) gig at Loughborough Town Hall I am putting things right. By the way if you’re local he is coming back by popular demand on the 12th October 2018 at 7.30pm. Our Tuesday night gig started at the same time and we got out at around 9:45pm which was perfect for a ‘school night’.

Just to embarrass a young chap Siggy and I know quite well here’s a photo of him with Chris after the gig and in the right hand panel is Chris’s regular support Carl Hutchinson who had some good banter about doing up his house and having to shit in a bin bag in his garage. Also please note that there will be more spoilers after this image…


Chris wrapped his material inside a story about him visiting his solicitor to make a will. He described in hilarious detail four things that he wouldn’t miss if his missus popped her clogs before he did, namely: the slow cooker (which he said he’d bury with her); clothes (mostly arse crack flossing thongs) discarded randomly around the house; hidden door keys (I couldn’t roll with him on this point as I never leave keys in doors or window locks); and her atrocious dishwasher loading habits. On the latter point he was stepping dangerously into Jon Richardson’s the ultimate worrier’s territory and I guess if Jon wasn’t so anal, had a Geordie accent and a lot more energy more similarities could be drawn between the comedians.

Here’s an old Apollo routine I found on YouTube (he’s funnier now, but it gives you a flavour):

When we saw him last night, he went on to describe various parts of a letter he might leave to his (possibly budding psycho and currently) 2-year old son outlining various life lessons. This set him up well to deliver some quirky observational comedy and imaginative life stories. These included a toilet cleaner living the dream as a singer at Ellen’s Diner in NYC, conflict in the kiddies’ ball pit at South Shields, a touching/hilarious story about discovering his dad was clear of cancer while in the queue for a new Cost-Co membership card, and Cyril the ugly squirrel with a taste for Greg’s Bakery sausage rolls.

It was a brilliantly honed set and Ramsey once again came across as a genuinely nice guy (unlike some stand-ups who I easily imagine are utter twats off stage). He had some great banter with the audience including some younger members who managed to scrape in under the recommended age limit. Unlike his Apollo appearance, there was a lot of F-bombery and a single but clinically delivered C-bomb, but despite this it’s quite a clean act. I won’t say wholesome, that’s taking it too far 🙂

He’s a repeat guest on Celebrity Juice and here’s everyone’s favourite clip of him calling out that obnoxious woman Katie Hopkins: