My new novel Black Book is now available in paperback or for 99p in Kindle format from Amazon.


Danny O’Brien (Broken), Lucy Tasker (Lucky) and Jack Dyson (Bad Blood) team up to try and stop nefarious Mikhal ‘Misha’ Bakunin a superlative charmer intent on bringing his own recipe of mayhem to the UK. With a cast of secret service supernaturals Black Book brings the stories of the man who can talk to ghosts, the woman who can stop time and the man who can walk through mirrors into an explosive collision with the dark forces of the Russia’s SVR Special Brigade.

Cover image

Cover Image: Photo by Jack B on This is a black and white photograph of Elizabeth Tower (commonly known as Big Ben) under scaffolding as The Palace of Westminster undergoes a huge refurbishment. The Palace of Westminster is a key location in Black Book.