Smoking at your funeral

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I like the challenge of writing poems that rhyme, more or less.

Smoking at your funeral

The bubbles in my beer cling like Braille
Telling the sorry tale
Of epic fail and epic fail
Of ships wrecked without setting sail

Of bridges burned or brought asunder
By bluster, blindness, bungling blunder
Thoughts churn like thunder
While ashes fall through under

Later lost sorrows back stroke
In my glass of rum and coke
And I sit there alone and smoke
Thoughts of you making me choke

Smoke slow drifting stings my eyes
I blink back tears with no surprise
You were the only one I truly liked
But then you danced away and died.


    1. Christina I have to admit that this is a voice of a fictional character based on the Braille opener which popped into my head on a lunch break. It perhaps has more to do with my listening to the sad songs of Del Amitri than it does my real life. Glad you liked it 🙂

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