Tres. It’s the magic number. Right? So here’s a third, and for now, final look at another zero-% beer. This time everyone’s lockdown darling Corono Extra versus the new light blue kid on block Corono Cero. And I’ve not done my usual thing of putting a slice of lime into the neck of the bottles because (a) I haven’t got a fresh lime on me right now, and (b) I want to try and see if there’s a difference in the taste between the two beers, since so far Birra Moretti and Heineken zero-% beers have been distinctly different from their full alcohol originals.

You can see from the moisture on the bottles that I made sure they were both as cold as possible – no-one wants warm Corona than you

Corona Cero, ‘Born in Mexico and brought up on the beach’ (but brewed in Belgium if you got it in the UK) has been available since 2016 in Mexico, but it only started being exported worldwide in January 2022. It has already found it’s way into most supermarkets in the UK, and my local pub, where I enjoyed a bottle with some chilli crisps and a light spattering of English rain.

Yes, that is a new Jo Nesbo book, but it’s not a Harry Hole novel, so you might have to wait a while for me to do a post about it…

The golden amber colour is the same for both beers, and initially so too is the taste. Initially. But then I think my tastebuds woke up and I could taste a bitterness to the Extra and a sweetness to the Cero. It’s subtle though and Corona isn’t exactly a complex IPA or anything. You might not even notice it. You get the same bubble attack in the mouth and a sort of sticky texture on your tongue and inside your cheeks which is strange for what I consider to be a light lager. I guess with a lime you wouldn’t notice this.

The bottle doesn’t tell you but there’s 148 kcal in a bottle of Corono Extra, 3 fingers of Kit-Kat, compared to 56 kcal in a bottle of Corono Cero. That’s quite a difference. The ingredients of Extra are pretty standard for a lager – Water, Barley Malt, Maize and hops. The difference for Cero is that there’s more sugar than hops and surprise surprise there’s those ‘natural flavourings’ again. It’s a global conspiracy I tell ya!

Anyway, the long and short of it is that Corono Extra and Corono Cero are virtually indistinguishable. It perhaps only after 5 or 6 bottles that you would know you were drinking one or the other, depending on whether the room had gone a bit wobbly or not.