After a two-day postal strike in the UK, it was nice to receive some more items to add to my Depeche Mode collection including three different versions of Violator that I really don’t need, some CD singles which I strangely didn’t already have, a CD promo and a limited edition red vinyl of ‘Wrong’.

Funny how on the one hand I say “I’m not into variations of things” but then go on about the different version of Music for the Masses I bought I guess what I mean is that I’m not really interested in buying a CD or vinyl disc if it hasn’t got different tracks on it than something I already have in my collection (that still contradicts my interest in getting the original release of MFTM, but whatever).

I spent quite some time trying to find that interview CD on Discogs but got there in the end. The versions of Violator with the ‘ZPAV’ hologram sticker on and ‘Made in Holland’ were a UK repress bought in Poland and a European version. I was worried about buying a job lot of CDs from eBay without any photos of the disc playing surfaces but I took a gamble this time and they were all okay. The inlays and cases are a bit knackered in places, but you’ve got to expect that given the age of these things.

It’s my first time in front of the camera so forgive my rambling at the end. I worry a lot about stuff getting damaged.

Precious and fragile things
Need special handling

Also I cut my own hair last night, it’s not usually this short – especially in the winter!

For anyone intrigued by the background – yes that is a Star Wars ornament on the windowsill – actually used to be a book-end but I snapped off the metal L-shape and just have them as a pair on either end of the sill. The collage behind me is a set of Penguin book cover postcards stuck with a pound of Blu Tack to an IKEA wardrobe. Over lockdown during meetings on Teams I got sick of seeing the yellow wood. It’s a nice wardrobe, but it’s nicer with a bit of decoration.