I had quite a haul today starting with X1 and ending with MODE. X1 is the first of a two-box set released in Japan in 1991. There are 33 tracks on X1 spread out over four disks and they are all tracks to be found on the 12-inch singles between 1980-1990. The most interesting disc is ‘Strange Mxes – Four’ which includes the likes of ‘Something To Do (Metalmix)’, ‘Fly On The Windscreen (Death Mix)’ and the epic ‘Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)’.

As you can see, the normal post arrived as I was about to open up MODE which had arrived via special delivery with X1 earlier in the day. I was presented with a couple more long-delayed deliveries in the form of two 7-inches. A picture disc of BONG37 a.k.a. ‘Suffer Well’ and RM 1 a.k.a. a free EP produced by the Record Mirror in 1986. I mention 1985 a lot in the video, but that’s just me being dim and needing my lunch.

After work, I found my clip-on mic and scissors and proceeded to open up the MODE boxed set. I’ve been wanting this since the Left Legged chap showed me his copy in all it’s glory a while ago. The boxed set contains the current 14 studio albums along with a swishy 228-page book and 4 bonus discs of non-album studio recorded material. Art Directors Jeff Schulz & Paul A. Taylor were nominated for a Grammy in 2021 in the ‘Best Recording Package – Boxed Category’ for the collection, and I think that’s what I mean by it “winning a design award”. I read it in a quiz book I think.