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About my books

With the exception of The Sun & The Rainfall (a collection of short stories and some poems) my books are all short novels. They all have a science fiction element, some more than others, except the The Magpie Diaries trilogy. My books are in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon.

The Magpie Diaries trilogy is a look back at the life of a student growing up in the 1990s and as such is a little bit autobiographical. But only a little bit. The trilogy is maybe not as well written or as exciting as my later books and available more as a curiosity than anything.

The Music and and its long-distance prequel Muta are ‘hard’ science fiction based in a future populated by clones, androids and robots. Tales from the New Found Land is a sequel to Muta and is ostensibly a fantasy tale with a little sci-fi twist towards the end.

Broken, Lucky, Bad Blood and Black Book are set in a contemporary universe pretty much identical to our current reality. The books are loosely inter-related and all feature a main character with a supernatural ability. Since seeing ghosts is less sci-fi than being able to stop time or walk through mirrors, I find it hard to pigeonhole Broken. Black Book brings together Danny, Lucy and Jack, the three main characters from these novels into one story.

There’s a lot more information on this blog site about each individual title – just follow the links provided – and if you like what you see please make a purchase!

My latest book, Richiumu is a stand-alone novella, unrelated to any of my previous work and written during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a non-linear story narrated by a vampire called Keiko who wakes from a centuries-long hibernation into a post-apocalyptic reality. She tells us fragmented tales from her long life, her origins and how she came to find herself held prisoner by unknown captors in an alien tower.

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