About my books

With the exception of The Sun & The Rainfall (a collection of short stories and some poems) my books are all short novels. Most of the novels, with the exception of The Magpie Diaries trilogy and Broken, have a science fiction element.

The Music and and its long-distance prequel Muta are ‘hard’ science fiction based in a future populated by clones, androids and robots. Tales from the New Found Land is a sequel to Muta and is ostensibly a fantasy tale with a little sci-fi twist towards the end.

Broken, Lucky and Bad Blood are set in a contemporary universe pretty much identical to our current reality. The books are loosely inter-related and all feature a main character with a supernatural ability. Since seeing ghosts is less sci-fi than being able to stop time, I find it hard to pigeonhole Broken.

The Magpie Diaries trilogy is a look back at the life of a student growing up in the 1990s and as such is a little bit autobiographical. But only a little bit. In my opinion the trilogy is not as well written as my later books or as exciting as The Music.

There’s a lot more information on this blog site about each individual title – just follow the links provided – and if you like what you see please make a purchase!

Where to buy my books

My books are in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon


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