Most of this stuff, unless otherwise stated is within quick walking distance from the very funky Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. I didn’t go out of my way to find this stuff, it just happened to me and I guess that’s the joy of grafitti – or as this kind of quality stuff has become known – street art.

Smiley worm things by Pez. Smiling since 1999.

 and just down the road a bit:



ROA and Phlegm. There’s also a bit of Ben Eine on the right, but big letters don’t really turn me on.


Captain Kris a.k.a. Kristian Douglas


Tagged as Ricardo AKN and certainly matches his style.



These are pretty much next door to a pub where they filmed a bit of ‘Luther’, there was a big piece being done while I was there to the left hand side of the picture below, but it wasn’t finsihed by the time I left – British weather stopped spray. Pretty sure now it was Martin Ron at work. The resulting image was of a London guardsman doing a one-handed handstand with his red coat hung up and his bearskin hat on, but it was only sketchy when I saw it.

Faith 47 on the right.


Ian Stevenson on the left. He’s a cheeky chap. Australian artist RONE did the big face on the right.


and over the road:

Pure Evil has his own gallery amongst all this.


Steve Powers.


I think this is half a message (the other half being on the reverse of the bridge) near the Hayward gallery.




The location is self-evident. This is by Phlegm.


Phlegm just had an installation at the Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch. Ben Eine collaborated with Louis Vuitton recently on a scarf design.

Thanks to JL for helping to attribute some artists to works.

Feel free to comment and fill in the gaps if you spot something you know (or you did it!).