Having seen the viewing stats for my recent posts about Comic Con at the Birmingham NEC this November and having looked back at previous posts I realise that my previous post for MCM Birmingham Comic Con – March 2013 was a bit lame. Originally I attached a PDF of images which in retrospect leaves a lot to be desired and probably didn’t give those cosplayers a chance to see themselves in their full glory. So here’s a revisit. The usual deal applies – if I took your photo and you don’t like it then let me know and I will remove it.

IMGP1786  IMGP1784 IMGP1782 IMGP1781 IMGP1780 IMGP1779 IMGP1775 IMGP1767 IMGP1766 IMGP1763 IMGP1811 IMGP1810 IMGP1806 IMGP1805 IMGP1804 IMGP1803 IMGP1802 IMGP1800 IMGP1799 IMGP1798 IMGP1795 IMGP1794 IMGP1792 IMGP1791 IMGP1789 IMGP1788 IMGP1787