Tesco Meal Deal No. 3

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Another Friday night dinner, another ‘lovely bit of squirrel’ courtesy of Tesco. This time I opted for something traditionally English accompanied by a bottle of rose wine from Spain.

The wine was Wine Route’s garnacha rose. Described on the bottle as a delicious and refreshing slightly sweet rose bursting with raspberry and strawberry flavours, it certainly is a fruity number and slips down well after a hard week at work. It is sweet rather than dry and has no bitter after taste like some cheap vino plonkos.


The main was chicken with leeks in a white wine sauce accompanied by bubble and squeak crush – crushed potatoes with onion (not noticeable), kale and smoked pancetta. There was a microwave cooking option for the bubble and squeak but I thought that was a terrible idea compared to pan frying with a bit of olive oil.


After a good quarter of an hour being pushed around the frying pan, the bubble and squeak was delicious and a good partner to the chicken.

There wasn’t much leek in the sauce and what there was had been cut into thin strips (probably to avoid cooking problems). The sauce involved some mustard but it wasn’t a strong flavour (which was ideal otherwise Siggy might have balked).


Pudding was a Bramley apple, blackberry and plum crumble – the crumble was rather fine and not formed of irregular softly crunchy lumps that define a good homemade crumble. Also the sugar content was off the chart.


Siggy tempered the sweetness with a couple of spoonful’s of traditional Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt gives me stomach ache, so I had mine without and wished I had some vanilla ice cream.


All told it was a good meal – easy to prepare and good value for money.

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