The Kingfisher Restaurant @ Dublin

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The Kingfisher Restaurant is opposite the Jurys Inn hotel on Parnell Street, Dublin. Siggy and I went there for breakfast at around 11am on a Sunday morning. The restaurant has been recently refurbished and the toilets were certainly very well appointed. They also offer boutique accommodation and self-catering apartments. Here’s their website:


The breakfast menu is pretty extensive:


Since it was our last day in Dublin, I opted for the full Irish breakfast but without beans, with extra mushrooms and scrambled eggs instead of fried. Siggy went for the bacon sandwich and we got a pot of tea for two.


This was the best breakfast of the holiday.The black puddings, white puddings and potatoes were nice and crispy and none of it was oozing fat. The sausages and the mushrooms were juicy, the bacon nicely flavoured and the scrambled eggs just right. My only gripe was the dirty knife I was given (Siggy let me use hers).


I don’t think we’ve eaten sandwiches anywhere in Dublin where they weren’t cut into triangles. There was plenty of bacon in them and the relish was nice.

The restaurant is basically a tidy fish and chips place, but the breakfast was certainly worth crossing the road for too 🙂


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