Queen of Tarts on Cork Hill, Dame Street, Dublin (just up from Dublin Castle) is a diminutive cafe with an excellent selection of cakes. I overheard that it has recently been decluttered and tarted up. I also learned that they have a bigger cafe on Cows Lane around the corner from the Cork Hill shop.



Siggy went for a Baileys cheesecake and I opted for a Victoria sponge. We got a free carafe of water with mint and lemon on the table so we didn’t bother ordering any other drinks.


Siggy said that the cheesecake was lightly flavoured and I didn’t get a taste so it must have been good.


My Victoria sponge was technically not a strict Victoria Sponge (Mary Berry would be having words) – however it was a double filled delight. The tart berries worked well with the fresh cream and the sponge was delicious.

Both cakes were 4.95 Euros each. Here’s their website: http://www.queenoftarts.ie