We visited Plan Burrito on a surprisingly sunny bank holiday lunchtime. The little eatery lived up to its name – we only went there because KFC was too full of chavs and their kids. Wanting something quick and with the Hog Stop closed we decided to give it a go.

On a little tabletop leaflet the owner states his passion for authentic Latin American food and his disappointment with the local Mexican restaurants – there’s currently only one so that’s a bit of smackdown for The Cactus cafe to be honest and so brave words indeed.

He opened Plan Burrito to offer fresh great-tasting tex-Mex food in a relaxed atmosphere faithful to a traditional taqueria. We’ll have to take his word on that. It was rather dinghy and loud when we visited.

Here’s the menu:


The burritos we had (both Carnitas) were crammed to busting point with ingredients and at each stage of the creation of the burrito we were offered a choice, such as:

  • boiled rice, fried rice with a little more flavour
  • whole beans of refried beans
  • hot, medium or mild salsa
  • cooked vegetables or not
  • chillis or not
  • cheese or not
  • salad or not
  • guacamole and/or sour cream

So, much like in a Subway what you end up with is entirely bespoke based on your preferences. He then advised us how to eat the bloomin’ thing – which is to unwrap it a bit at a time or it will just disintegrate all over the place.


Despite the large amount of ingredients, that I worried would turn it into a taste disaster rather than sensation, it was really very tasty and certainly very filling indeed.

The Jarritos drinks, all the way from Mexico, were just as packed as the burritos – unfortunately with artificial additives. There was a warning on the label that one of the additives could cause your child to go a little mental. Reminded me of the good old Corona days where one sip could power your hissy fits for hours.

Available at the table were three bottles of Cholula chilli sauce but my burrito was spicy enough already (with the medium salsa) that I didn’t bother trying them.

The chap who served us kindly turned the music (Soul Classics) down so we could hear ourselves think. We were largely unimpressed by the pokey seating area at the back of the shop – I have to lighten all the photos to make them presentable here. I would suggest that this is a place where you buy your food and move on to more comfortable climes – like the park which is a short walk away from the Ashby Road shop. That’s why I have tagged it ‘street food’.

They have another shop near Nandos which used to be a milkshake and cookie shop for about five minutes before closing down – their milkshakes evidently were failing to bring all the boys from the yard. I’m not sure if it was the same owner’s venture, but he seems to be onto a winner with Plan Burrito and the shop locations will provide a good footfall in university term time I should expect.

Like on Mr Ben, when the door is opened the shopkeeper magically appears

Authentic Mexican? It’s as authentic as the Cactus Cafe is (i.e. not particularly) but I’m quite happy with both. It’s good to have so much variety available in Loughborough and I just wish the Moomba hadn’t had to close and all those years ago that the wonderful Greek restaurant on Ashby Road (not too far away from where Plan Burrito is situated) also closed. Such is progress…